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The right people to get the extraordinary done.

Some opportunities feel like impossible challenges. They’re so big and complicated that they require insights from lots of different fields. But when you have the right team working with you, truly extraordinary things can happen.

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Helping a government agency jump-start veterans’
careers on the home front.

Staffing a large government agency is a monumental effort. Having the vision to see an opportunity to help returning veterans transition into federal careers is how the extraordinary is done.

Chapter One

Taking on an enormous staffing challenge to get the extraordinary done.

Finding qualified personnel who understood the unique challenges veterans face when transitioning home proved a daunting task. The agency had an idea to create a unique learning program to train veterans to fulfill their growing staffing needs. Quite an undertaking, considering they hadn’t built this training infrastructure before. Our experience with our own award-winning training approach made us the right people to help realize this vision.

Chapter Two

Diverse thinking helped build the training program from the ground up.

Training for veterans provided a source of qualified personnel the agency needed, and gave returning veterans the opportunity to ease their transition into federal careers. Our own people, many with military backgrounds, led a team to help establish the training program and infrastructure. Authorities in human capital helped to hire and train personnel. Supply chain, program and facilities management professionals helped to develop the curriculum.

Chapter Three

Building a thorough and scalable training model was a huge undertaking.

In addition to the online courses, offering a physical place to learn provided the human connection the veterans needed. With our help, one training program quickly diversified into many, including three additional internship programs and over a hundred courses. The programs are helping veterans put their best foot forward into their new careers.

Chapter Four

A training approach that transitions veterans into federal careers. That's getting the extraordinary done.

Retraining veterans to successfully enter the federal workforce provided the government agency with a source for qualified personnel, and gave the veterans a foundation for their bridge back home. The programs have already been heralded internally as a success. It took a diverse team and great teamwork to achieve the extraordinary—helping the men and women who protect America achieve success when they return home.

Helping a domestic airline fly internationally.

Upgrading an entire airline is no easy feat. It takes collaboration and an incredible breadth of thinking to get the job done.

Chapter One

Sometimes getting the extraordinary done means taking on the world.

Going international is an incredible opportunity. New routes mean new markets and new possibilities to expand. But airlines are filled with a million and one moving parts. Things like infrastructure, technology and staff training can be extraordinary challenges. So we pulled together a team of diverse thinkers to help make it all happen.

Chapter Two

Getting the extraordinary done, one infrastructure challenge at a time.

Remodeling 500 planes is one thing. Upgrading things like security, ticketing, customs and customer service in a whole host of new airports all at the same time is another task entirely. We set up a command center to work across nearly 100 airports and support centers to help manage it all.

Chapter Three

When nearly your entire workforce needs retraining, the extraordinary needs
to get done.

It wasn’t just that thousands of employees needed new skills. The training had to be done across a whole host of new countries, each with its own cultural, legal and tax regulation complexities. And it had to be done fast. We came up with a new approach and executed it across countless work streams, implementing over 700 procedural changes across multiple countries.

Chapter Four

Sometimes you have to completely rethink technology to get the extraordinary done.

Airlines rely on hundreds of business applications, databases and integration technologies. So when you need to upgrade and integrate them all in a hurry, you need a roadmap that lets you steer clear of all the headaches. It took lots of collaboration and a team of skilled PwC analysts, data architects, developers and programmers to get to takeoff without any bumps.

Implementing a new technology roadmap

We had to upgrade more than 40 different information-management applications as the airline was expanding internationally. Keeping old systems up and running without fail was just as important as making a smooth transition to our new platform. All of our applications had to be integrated with back-end data warehousing to support new systems for things like reservations, check-in procedures, in-flight communications and passenger apps for flight status and reward programs. From research to testing, implementation and deployment, PwC’s technology project team had the diversity of technical experience to handle the unexpected without a hitch.

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Helping to strengthen the financial well-being of the next generation.

Committing to build the financial capabilities of the next generation is a bold effort. Tackling the challenge with innovation and over 200,000 people in our global network, now that’s getting the extraordinary done.

Helping make the world’s leading cancer treatment available
to people who need it.

Helping a major research hospital innovate new ways to combat a disease is a huge undertaking. When that disease is cancer, the results can be nothing short of extraordinary.

Chapter One

Harnessing big data to fight cancer. Getting the extraordinary done to save lives.

Applying big data analytics to cancer treatment is a complicated business. You have to aggregate thousands of medical journals, clinical studies and patient health records before things like diagnosis and treatment can even be considered. From oncologists to computer engineers, genomic analysts to program managers, we pulled together an extraordinarily diverse array of insights to help get the job done.

Reducing the need for trial and error

Identifying the right treatments for individual cancer patients has long been a challenge for doctors. The stakes are high and different stages of the disease require different courses of action. Often, treatments are extremely tough for patients to endure, which is why finding the right one early really counts. PwC helped a major research hospital design and implement an evidence-based approach using big data and cognitive decision-making technology. It means doctors can find the right treatments faster and quickly rule out ones that are ineffective. That’s great news for patients.

Flip the switch to see the difference.

Chapter Two

When you can apply breakthrough technology to cancer diagnosis, you can get the extraordinary done.

Cognitive decision-making technology. It’s a new breakthrough in big data tech that can match a patient’s cancer diagnosis with the best available treatments. But before we could apply the tech, we had to properly evaluate all of its potential benefits, while keeping in mind all the complex regulations of the healthcare industry. That meant designing a new technology architecture and making sure it was as cost efficient as possible.

Chapter Three

Improving medical decisions with results from big data.
That’s getting the extraordinary done.

Helping to make the next generation of technology standard practice in cancer care all across the country takes collaboration and a lot of PwC planning. Training oncologists and hospital staff to use the technology is one step. Creating a mobile application that helps patients directly is another. The goal — better-informed medical decisions based on evidence from big data. And more patients getting the treatment they need.

Chapter Four

From big cities to small towns, getting the extraordinary done for cancer patients everywhere.

It’s not just about technology. It’s about saving lives. And providing cancer patients and their doctors with access to the best possible information, no matter where they happen to be. Cognitive decision-making technology lets doctors in even the most remote locations compare their patients with patients across the country to identify successful therapies. That means more people getting well. And staying that way.

Rethinking the audit process for a global apparel brand.

Delivering a quality audit for a rapidly evolving global company is no small feat. It involves an innovative approach that leverages technology, data analytics and a process improvement mindset combined with our incredible breadth of technical and industry experience to help deliver an objective point of view.

Chapter One

When you’re the auditor of a rapidly changing global company, it helps to leverage the latest technology to get the extraordinary done.

It takes a global team with lots of technical and industry experience to get the extraordinary done for a fast-growing international company. Understanding the complexities of an evolving global supply chain in more than 150 countries was easier said than done. We started with a core understanding of their current business relationships, tracked new developments, and used data analytics and visualization tools to help identify areas of increased risk and to help reduce potential surprises.

Chapter Two

We continually innovate our audit process to get the extraordinary done.

Getting the basics done right isn’t as easy as it sounds. That’s particularly true when a quality audit process has to keep pace with the demands of a fast-changing industry. From deadlines to deliverables, we used our collaborative workflow tool to provide faster, more efficient and secure information sharing between us and the client. That helps us make things more automated and it enhances our project management capabilities. By investing in technology, we’re always driving improvement in our audit process. More innovation. More efficiencies. That’s how PwC delivers a quality audit.

Chapter Three

Having a diverse team and lots of local experience gets the extraordinary done.

An ever-evolving global brand requires a diverse team to handle its complexities. We have teams of professionals with technical experience throughout our global network of firms. That means we can create knowledgeable global teams and strategically place them where they’ll work best. These teams, together with our Global Delivery Model, mean we can standardize certain audit processes, allowing us to have a consistent approach in reviewing client assets and allow our local teams to place even greater emphasis on issue resolution.

Chapter Four

Being prepared for tomorrow’s business developments today. That’s how you get the extraordinary done.

When a business is changing rapidly, it requires an incredible breadth of experience, insights and more to provide a quality audit. We dynamically reshaped our teams and added members with deep understanding in areas like emerging technology and cybersecurity to enhance our perspective. We employed data analytics and data-visualization tools to help identify potential concerns earlier. Simplifying the audit by leveraging technology, analytics and process improvement is how we get the extraordinary done.

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Some opportunities feel like impossible challenges. They’re so big that they require insights from lots of different fields. But when you have the right team, truly extraordinary things can happen.
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Helping innovate new ways to combat a disease is a huge undertaking. When that disease is cancer, the results can be nothing short of extraordinary.
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Delivering a quality audit for a rapidly evolving global apparel company is no small feat. It requires an incredible breadth of technical and industry experience to provide an objective point of view.
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